Man I love the Beach.

Cemento Beach, Baler, Philippines




Hello everyone San here,

I have been a very busy man lately  with my adventures. So busy that I forgot to keep posts up on my site. So I am going to change that right here starting now and get caught up. I will be posting my adventures as soon as I can from this point forward. I found my new love, next to the mountains, I love the beach.


Sunrise in Baler, Aurora, Philippines
Sunrise on the East Side of Luzon, what a view.

I have recently been to the beach a lot, I have always loved the beach and now I am getting to go more than I have ever gotten to in the past. Currently I am exploring the beaches in the Philippines. Since it is an island nation there are so many to choose from that I have difficult time making a decision.

Fortunately I don’t have to make the decisions all by myself, my wife is Filipino and has lots of places that she knows and wants to explore. I have been to several beaches and surrounding cities here, you may know some of them, others you may not. Here is a list of the ones I have been to so far:

My list of Beaches and Cities so far.

a. Boracay – the most famous of white sand beaches in all of the Philipinnes.

b. El Nido – nestled away on the western shores of Palawan, beautiful white sands and lots of island hopping.

c. Puerta Princessa – this is the big city of the area and where the plane lands, there are beaches in the area and island hopping to enjoy.

d. Snake Island – one of the islands in Honda Bay that we went to.

e. Star Fish Island – Another of the islands that we hopped to in Honda Bay

f. Bauang – an older area in the La Union province that was once grand but needs to be refurbished.

g. San Fabian – the closest of the beaches to our house in Pangasinan, been there 3 times this summer

h. Alaminos – the home of One Hundred Islands area, so very beautiful

i. Bolinao – a beautiful white sand beach on the farthest point west in the Pangasinan province.

j. Sabang – Surfing Capital of the Philipinnes. It is lovely there and is the jumping off point for many activities in the area.

k. Dinadiawan – the beach to go to in the Dipaculao area.

l. Cemento – comes by its name honestly, the rocks look and feel like cement.

m. Diguisit – another white sand beach but very rocky, great for snorkeling at high tide.

n. Ampere – Nice beach, big round rocks everywhere, not good for swimming but good for snorkeling.

n. Dicasalarin Cove – you have to pay to go here because it is private and you will need a ride from someone with a vehicle that can drive nearly vertical to get there. I was unable to visit here but I threw this one in because I want to go and I want you to know about it in case you decide to visit Baler so you can check it out. The pictures that I have seen and what friends have told me is that it is beautiful there and I will visit it the next time we go to Baler because we have unfinished business there.

I have also been to the surrounding areas and have enjoyed the atmosphere that they offer as well as the accommodations. I will be providing reviews, blog reports and information about all of the things that I have seen and enjoyed here.

Included in my reviews will be names of hotels, resorts, eating establishments, what sites to visit in the towns, I will also provide links to known websites for everything that I list.  Every time I visit a new place I will be posting, I am excited to bring this to you.


I Know, what does that have to do with hiking? Well walking on the beach for three or four hours is a hike and a darn good one for those that do not know. My legs get tired just thinking of churning through the sand for long distances lol.


Sabang Beach from Ermita Hill, Baler, Aurora, Philippines
The view of Sabang Beach from Ermita Hill.

The beaches in the Philippines stretch on for many kilometers in a lot of areas and I could have hitched a ride to get to where I was going but now that wouldn’t be hiking now would it. (LOL)

In the pic above we hiked along the beach for over a kilometer, crossed a river and then hiked another two kilometers to this view.  We went up to the top of the hill after stopping at this viewpoint, the top was still another kilometer away.  That was four kilometers of a fourteen kilometer hike that day.  What great views we had of beautiful scenery.

There is transport everywhere, I chose to walk


You should have seen some of the looks we get from passersby that there is a big white guy sweating his butt off walking down the beach or down the road to get to the beach. I enjoy our walks for several reasons first and foremost is that you can’t interact with the people if you are in a car. I love to meet the locals and ask them about the area and how to get here or there.

The second reason is for exercise. You see I am called the Fat Guy and if you look at my pics you know I am over weight and I need to walk in order to lose weight and get into better shape. Also I enjoy walking long distances more than any other exercise so that is what I do.


Any way I will be posting new pages on my adventures here in the Philippines, I hope that you enjoy them. Why the Philippines, easy answer – that is where my wife is from and we go there to visit the family every year. It is also a great launching place for other areas I plan to explore like Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and the rest of South East Asia.

It is also a great starting point for going to Australia, India, China, Japan, Nepal and areas in Asia. I have done a lot of reading about these areas but I have never been and I plan to see as much of them as I can and share it here for everyone to enjoy. I am truly blessed to get to live my life in this manner and I plan to share my joy. It is my sincerest hope that you will get live your dreams as well.


This will change the tone of my site and I welcome it. I will share every adventure with you, how we got there, how much it cost, where we stayed and where you can go to visit. I am excited about this change and I hope that you will continue to visit and check up on me.

Leave me some comments about places you have been or places you would like to go. I am out and about and looking for adventure.

Thanks for reading hope to see you out there.

The Fat Guy

8 thoughts on “Man I love the Beach.”

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    1. Hello,

      Thanks for stopping by, reading and leaving me a comment. You can find us on Facebook at Fat Guy Hike, please stop by out page and give us a like. I appreciate you sharing this post with all of your friends. Come back and read about the adventures that we will be having.

      Your Friend,

      The Fat Guy

  3. Hi San,

    I grew up in Puerto Princesa and lived there until I was 16. Great list you have here. Boracay is great, I have been there about 3 years ago. There are a lot of tourists, beach activities, and places to dine. And the sand and beach is superb.

    Puerto Princesa, my hometown is a great place to stay. If you are looking for a peaceful place where there are less tourists so that you can enjoy the nature more, this is the right place.

    As you described, Snake Island and Start Fish Island are one of the places you can go in Honda Bay. Another island there which is a private resort is Dos Palmas. I will give that island resort a five star. Included in their whole day tour package in the island resort are the various activities that you can do all day.

    I have never been to El Nido yet, but it is on my list. My family and friends already went there so I am also excited.

    – Chris

    1. Hello Chris,
      I kinda figured you where Filipino by your profile picture, but you are the second friend we have from Palawan. I will have to give Do Palmas a good looking over, not sure where that is. I heard there was some trouble there a few years ago resulting in a death of a tourist.
      Is that true? I know the southern part of the island is near Mindanao and there is unrest there.
      As for Boracay, I did not enjoy it so much, too crowded and the prices are so mahal compared to most of the other places we have been.
      Thanks for your commment,
      The Fat Guy

  4. Hi San, I enjoyed reading your blog cos you made me laugh.
    I too love the sun, the sand and the sea. I used to go to the beach often in my younger days, for picnics on weekends or during vacation overseas.
    I have been to the Philippines a couple of times but that was many many many moons ago. The last visit was to Cebu island so I know how beautiful the beaches are.
    I would love to travel more in future when I get the opportunity. So I’ll be back to check out your site. I’m sure you will be sharing many exciting stories about your adventures with us.

    1. Hello Sue,

      I cannot believe I missed your comment and did not reply, I just found it today. I love hearing from you and wonder how you are. I look forward to hearing from you.

      The Fat Guy

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